Fiction, Fiction everywhere…and I love it

I love all forms of fictional story telling. Movies, television, audio drama, and of course books. And can’t really be pinned down to one genre. Okay, so I have a favorite: AU (Alternate Universe) Fantasy/and straight up Fantasy. So, that’s what I tend to write. Our world, which is made richer with vampires, fairies, elves, and, never forget the magic. And the other, a place where anything can happen, and be day to day life. A made up world, where the only rules are my own (okay, and physics). 

I tend to enjoy the same in my other media viewing. TV: Supernatural is my favorite show. It’s AU, which really is all the explanation needed for the things that happen in it, that can’t happen in our world, as it is. There are the vampires, werewolves, demons, angels and yes, even fairies.

Movies: The Avengers, and all it’s brethren.

Yes, with both media, I also love things that aren’t AU. Bones on television, Pitch Perfect 2 at the movies.

And my point is? I mean, how does this relate to being an author? That’s easy. We all pull our ideas from the world around us: real life, books, movies and TV. Stephen King once said “There are no more original stories”. And maybe he’s right. Or maybe not. But regardless, it matters how it’s written. Are the characters interesting? Is it different in any way? What does the house look like, that makes creepy noises at night? What does a dark alley in Seattle, close to I5, sound like?

We can learn from everything around us, and find a new way to make it relevant to what we’re working on. So, it seems. like child rearing, writing takes a village. Often one with no people, but plenty of examples and ideas. Without the way our real life is now, we’d have no fiction. And that, would truly be a tragedy.


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