Adapting to Adaptations

Found myself working on one of my short stories this week. Now although the main character in story had stated in, a short story, she and her friends then evolved to Audio Drama (Like old time radio, even though it’s usually made via the computer).

Now trying to take that script and turn it into a short story is interesting. I know authors who write in worlds of “Star Trek” or “Supernatural” so I know they feel some of my pain. And if it were a brand new story with the same characters it MIGHT be easier, though honestly I doubt it.

The biggest trouble I’m having is the ambiance. In Audio Drama, we add in the sounds, the background and of course the voices. So therefore, I don’t have to tell the audience the phone rang, or that the lead is being sarcastic (worked with a great actor on it), or even the type of voices for everyone else.

These are things I know I can do. Oh, and stretching the original story just a little to make word count. Like I said, I CAN do these things. But it’s harder than I thought it would be. I guess I’m working out mental muscle.


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