So you’re meant to be writing

And of course, by that I mean, I’m meant to be writing. And to be clear (not just because my publisher is watching) I am writing. But it’s new. Not writing itself, I’ve been writing fiction since I was 13 or so, but new to having a real job again. Something to hold me responsible, and something not only do I love to do, but that I need to do!

After all, I haven’t held a “real” job since 2001. I forgot what it meant to really meet deadlines (no, seriously, this is something I’m working hard at), and to produce something not just because I want to. It’s different.

So I’m on a new learning curve, at 43. I know, you never stop learning, and I know I never will. For one thing I loved college. You know, where you learn but also have deadlines and due dates?

I can do this. I’ve got this. And I’ll keep repeating that, until I believe it.


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