Live and let live

(Warning: This may be rambling)

There have been a lot of words used this week (and after all, what does a writer do?? Play with words. Or I do anyway). Homosexuality, bisexuality,  pansexuality, lesbian, gay, queer, transgender, trans-man, trans-woman, gender-fluid, gender-less and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. It was a historic week last week, when finally,  there was more marriage equality here in the U.S.  Which is made of awesome.  But it isn’t the end.

There are still struggles ahead for everyone of any sexual (or even lack there of) nature. And these struggles, while always unfair, are part of what make us human. It gives us history, life and stories. Everything as a writer that we tell, somehow, relates to who we are inside. I mean, granted, I’ll likely never be a noir PI living in an AU Seattle. But that does’t mean some of what she struggles with don’t somehow relate to what I struggle with.

So while we may have marriage equality, what we don’t have, is a global understanding yet. Not even “live and let live” yet, which means, there’s is still a fight ahead. As there still is for women. As a bi-racial cereal commercial still freaks people out, it shows that fight is not yet won. Which means, these struggles will still cross-over into writing, one way or another.

Even in fantasy novels, there is meaning.  Things that  say magic,  may mean science. Or understanding. Or, in the very, very least, live and let live.


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