Finishing that first draft

I finished the first draft of “Nightlife” (working title) this morning. It’s a bit under 10,000 words, and I know I’ll need to do some major work on it. Still, I tied up plot a and left some of plot b for future stories. And plot c? It can go on through short stories, novels, etc.

But, did I add too many characters? Are there too many plots? What plot holes will I find when I go back. Can you drive a truck through them? Is it entertaining and interesting. I mean, will anyone else want to read it. I need my own beta-readers. Or a writing group.

I like the premise of the story, I like my characters (or even dislike the ones you’re supposed to dislike). I like my theories on why Vampires, in this world, exist at all. And the secrets I left for other stories to uncover.

There may be too many unanswered questions for a short story. I’ve seen it done before, to keep readers coming back. But if it’s an awful story, no one is going to back to find out. And if it’s a great story, can I tell another with these characters again just as great?

And am I the only one who has all of these questions and worries at the end of a first draft? I mean, this may be why I didn’t publish before. Fear. Worry.

I’ve got to get past that. This will get polished, and likely published. I think I’ll let it sit, just a little, while I work on the next short story (not about these characters, in a different AU Seattle). And maybe the answers will come, or I’ll always be insecure, no matter how good my work really is. But, I’ll keep my head up, smile, and keep writing. Because, as we all know, a writer: writes.


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