Tinkering with Hearts, Walking Pneumonia, and Obliterating Faces

Spent the last few days at the hospital, while a surgeon played with my husband’s heart. No seriously. a cardiac surgeon spent 6 hours pushing a needle through my husband’s heart, and then cauterizing some of it.  Sitting and waiting that long, is harrowing. After all, it’s a heart. He came through ok, and if we’re lucky, it actually fixed an electrical problem. So not a lot of writing, while wringing my hands, thinking of the worst possible out comes (a nurse and a writer…danger Will Robenson!!!)

Of course, he came out of it fine. He’s at work today, and I’m only slightly worried (ok, I worry a lot. Does this surprise anyone).

Last Friday I finally went to the doctor for cough and backache I’d had for…a month? Maybe a little longer. Should have gone in sooner, as I had walking pneumonia. So add that to why Gwendolyn doesn’t get things done *grin* I’m being treated for that, and it seems to be going well.

And yes, I did finally start the new Lieutenant Lilah Evans book. And decided to ask the hive mind this question: What kind of gun, or caliber bullet will obliterate a face? There were a lot of thoughts on it. For the most part, it was felt that a hand won’t do the job I wanted. But, we did settle on something that could, indeed, obliterate a face.

So are you ready to for the new Nightlife book? I know I am!


4 thoughts on “Tinkering with Hearts, Walking Pneumonia, and Obliterating Faces

  1. I would imagine it would depend on whether the person is getting shot in the face, or in the back of the head, I mean, I would think buckshot would make hamburger out of all that soft tissue in the front of the head, but you get one of those bullets that expands as it zips through a body, you’d end up with quite the hole in the front of the head if s/he were shot in the back of the head.

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