The pitfalls of research

Yes, research. Every writer does it (I hope). And yes, some of it is “what kind of gun will obliterate a face”? And sometimes, it’s verifying that a word you heard in Supernatural wasn’t just something they made up.

The word, or phrase is “long pig,” meaning human meat. I wanted to use it, but needed to be sure it was a correct usage.

Seems it is. It’s a Maori word, for “Human” and it’s used in cannibalism.

And looking this up (should have taken mere moments, right?) I fell into reading about the history of cannibalism, from the Neanderthals to Flight 571 in 1972.  Yes, I spent an hour looking at information that was in no way useful to what I was actually writing.

But it was interesting.

And I did end up using “Long Pig”.


One thought on “The pitfalls of research

  1. A writer’s mind is often a treasure trove of otherwise useless trivia which we use to fabricate intriguing stories with insights that occasionally add some realism. “A little knowledge is dangerous”. lol, yeah, that’s why we need to know.

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