12 Days

Not the 12 days of Christmas. That’d be too easy. No, I now have 12 days to finish a short story for an anthology. And I only had 17 days to begin with.

Me, schedule impaired. Disorganized and anxious. Of course I can’t do that. Impossible. Right? So what did I say?

“Yup, I can do that.” Wait, what? But…

The truth is, I probably can. No, scratch that. I know I can. Writing isn’t a chore, it isn’t punishment, it’s what I do. So you want 8-10k words in 17 days? Damn straight I can do that.

Of course, there’s that part of my brain that says “you can’t,” “you’ll fail,” and “why even try?” But I’m shutting it down.

Why? Because I can do this, it’ll be a fun little story (add in some romance). And you know what? I’m going to have it in time, and kick it in the ass!



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