Anthology: Another short story published!

Hello guys, it’s been a while. I think I may be the Queen of Procrastination. I always means to do get a blog post done.  In January my publisher asked if I’d write a short story for a “Valentine’s Anthology” at Vanilla Heart Publishing. I of course said “Yes”.

And then realized my genre isn’t really romance. But I thought, what the heck, right? I’ll give it a go! Growing up, I liked Historical Romance. Because they really felt like Fantasy novels to me. And Fantasy/SciFi/Horror, those are my favorite genres (in case you hadn’t noticed. LOL). So what could I write about, that would fit my knowledge, my style and my genre?

A historical romance with a fantasy side. But how?? Didn’t really take me long. If you’ve read “Nightlife” (the first Detective Lilah Evans short story), you know that she’s somewhere in the 200-300 year old range. And she knows a little about her mother, and more about her father.

But what did we know about her mother and father? Not much. So I wrote “Heart of Night,” about the romance between Lady Jannessa Emilie Liliana Guillory and Baron Ricard Von Easton.

You can find this short story, and more by other Vanilla Heart Publishing authors. The fun thing about this anthology: We’re all different. There’s a love story for everyone inside. Including mine! Enjoy!



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