MidAmericon II/Worldcon 74 Update

Yes, I again ventured to a Worldcon. This time, it was in Kansas City, Mo. It was a bit scary. Not the con itself, mind you, but the flights and well, being that far away from home. It was worth it, if nothing else, than I did something. I lived in the world.

There are new rules for the Hugo Awards. It shouldn’t effect those nominating and voting, but it will change how the votes are counted. And since I’m not part of the business meeting, that’s is as much as I know about that. But it could be useful to you out there. Authors and readers alike.

George RR Martin was there. I missed him as usual, but he was there and so was the infamous throne. So were so many amazing authors. That’s a lot of what WorldCon is about. Writing (and other things that encompass Science Fiction/Fantasy).

Many outfits and costumes were amazing. And you get to vote on where there will be another Worldcon (this was for 2018). My vote didn’t win,  but that doesn’t mean I won’t be at the next one. By then, Night Hues will have come out, and it’ll be a great success. Or at least give a few readers some fun and excitement with Detective Lilah Evans!

As soon as I get some rest (as the illness demands), the pages will blow up for the lovely  detective.

Stay tuned!


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