Night Hues and Norwescon: Book Launch

So it came around again, Norwescon (it’s 40 this year!) I’ve gone in the past, even passed out a coupon or two for my short story  “Nightlife” , but it was lackluster because I was afraid. Yes, I admit it, as an author I’m scared people will hate my writing. And I’m still afraid, but that isn’t stopping me this time.

I had a fairly quiet (we didn’t advertise as well as we thought we did) launch of my new novel Night Hues I ended up selling 6 books during con. I’ve been told, that’s really good for a new author.

Night Hues is available in paperback from and You can find the e-book in all formats, and in all your favorite places to buy e-books.

Seattle police homicide Lieutenant Lilah Evans works the night shift. And goes after those strange cases no one else wants to touch. She has flair and style, and won’t take shit from anyone. The night is her domain, as half-vampire. It is she who stalks the night, watching for those things that most people believe don’t, or can’t exist. But, as she stalks the night, the night stalks her, tempting her to use her vampiric powers and magic, making her fear the loss of her humanity.

Night Hues Here Today poster w con logo

This is the poster we had up at Norwescon! Not too shabby.

We had great fun  that weekend, and for a change I got out and did stuff. I think I’ll do it again.


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