Taking a little time off

Never fear, however, more writing is coming. There is another Lilah Evans novel in the works, and something new. Still researching the last one.

I’ve got a wedding ceremony coming up, and that’s taking a lot of my time and energy. But, starting at the end of September, I’ll be right back behind the keyboard!

So keep reading, and stay tuned!!

Hey guys, it’s been a while

I’m not the best at keeping up on this. But I’m trying.

The next Lilah Evans’ book is on hold until after this summer. Big things coming for me, and I’m distracted. But there are plans for a book 2 already in the works.

And a new idea that won’t go away, so it’s likely to be written as well. It is not in the same Universe at Lilah Evans> We’ll see how it goes.

Which reminds me: research, research, research. No matter what you’re writing, there is going to be something you should verify. I mean, you can make it up, but it helps keep thread of realism to whatever you ¬†write. I have a bunch of research to do, for the first few chapters of the new idea. Should be interesting if I can find a source.

So anyway, I’m still here. I’m still writing. Which is a good thing!