MidAmericon II/Worldcon 74 Update

Yes, I again ventured to a Worldcon. This time, it was in Kansas City, Mo. It was a bit scary. Not the con itself, mind you, but the flights and well, being that far away from home. It was worth it, if nothing else, than I did something. I lived in the world.

There are new rules for the Hugo Awards. It shouldn’t effect those nominating and voting, but it will change how the votes are counted. And since I’m not part of the business meeting, that’s is as much as I know about that. But it could be useful to you out there. Authors and readers alike.

George RR Martin was there. I missed him as usual, but he was there and so was the infamous throne. So were so many amazing authors. That’s a lot of what WorldCon is about. Writing (and other things that encompass Science Fiction/Fantasy).

Many outfits and costumes were amazing. And you get to vote on where there will be another Worldcon (this was for 2018). My vote didn’t win,  but that doesn’t mean I won’t be at the next one. By then, Night Hues will have come out, and it’ll be a great success. Or at least give a few readers some fun and excitement with Detective Lilah Evans!

As soon as I get some rest (as the illness demands), the pages will blow up for the lovely  detective.

Stay tuned!

Going Through It

What did I learn, from the my world blowing up? That the only way to get to the other side, is to go through it. You can’t fast track it, and just hope it’ll all be ok. You can’t force yourself to be better, you can’t force forgiveness, and  you can’t force the pain to stop.  So you wait. You find the things you still love, and enjoy. If you’re me, you watch Supernatural. You watch General Hospital (don’t laugh, it helps with writing). You listen to music, sometimes on repeat (like Burn from Hamilton). And you feel it. You feel that pain, no matter how deep it is. You feel it, because you can’t let it go, if you refuse to deal with it at all.

Does that mean I’m done? No. I’m still going through it. But I’ve started writing again. It’s still less than I’d done, but it’s a start. I’m leaving the house. I’m having fun with people I love. I’m living.

Don’t give up on me yet. I certainly haven’t.

What Happens When Your Life Blows Up?

I never really believed that trouble came in threes. After all it’s a superstition, and though I write speculative fiction, I myself am usually a skeptic. It’s almost as if I were from Missouri (the “show me” state). I mean, I want to believe, but often I just don’t. Too many things have logical answers.

And I’m sure the three things that happened, it’s likely coincidence. Yet, I still got threes.

At a Sci/Fi Fantasy convention, someone I trusted with everything did the one thing could break that trust. That was one. Two, a loved one tried to commit suicide. And three? Someone I love, and who is my best friend (though he’s in England) ended up with bad aspiration pneumonia and nearly died. All in a matter, of say, four days. Or less.

All I could do was stare at my own life, and wonder who was writing this? Was there a good reason to push the protagonist so far? Was there a lesson to be learned? Would it help later in the story? But the fact was, it was just real. Scary. Heartbreaking. And lonely.

My muse and I are now in negotiations to start writing again. To get the novel rolling, and done. To get the next one started. Maybe, to use some of the new, and still really raw pain and pour it onto the page, like one would oils onto canvas.

Only time will tell. But you don’t go through the shit in the world (not my first go-round, sadly) and come out the same. Everything changes, sometimes for the best, sometimes not. But…something is always learned. Whether we want it or not.

Having the plague

Okay, it’s not the plague, it’s the flu. I’ve found one, universal truth out about it: Nothing causes me worse writer’s block than this. I can deal with the fibro pain, and I can still brain storm with a migraine.

But hacking up my lungs, being hot and cold, sore throat, etc? Yeah, big time writer’s block. The good news is, I’m on the mend, have another short story available on Amazon (Heart of Night, from the Heartworks anthology) and other e-formats! And Lilah Evans will be written as soon as the plague has gone.


Information on “Heart of Night”:

Congratulations, Gwendolyn!


Anthology: Another short story published!

Hello guys, it’s been a while. I think I may be the Queen of Procrastination. I always means to do get a blog post done.  In January my publisher asked if I’d write a short story for a “Valentine’s Anthology” at Vanilla Heart Publishing. I of course said “Yes”.

And then realized my genre isn’t really romance. But I thought, what the heck, right? I’ll give it a go! Growing up, I liked Historical Romance. Because they really felt like Fantasy novels to me. And Fantasy/SciFi/Horror, those are my favorite genres (in case you hadn’t noticed. LOL). So what could I write about, that would fit my knowledge, my style and my genre?

A historical romance with a fantasy side. But how?? Didn’t really take me long. If you’ve read “Nightlife” (the first Detective Lilah Evans short story), you know that she’s somewhere in the 200-300 year old range. And she knows a little about her mother, and more about her father.

But what did we know about her mother and father? Not much. So I wrote “Heart of Night,” about the romance between Lady Jannessa Emilie Liliana Guillory and Baron Ricard Von Easton.

You can find this short story, and more by other Vanilla Heart Publishing authors. The fun thing about this anthology: We’re all different. There’s a love story for everyone inside. Including mine! Enjoy!


12 Days

Not the 12 days of Christmas. That’d be too easy. No, I now have 12 days to finish a short story for an anthology. And I only had 17 days to begin with.

Me, schedule impaired. Disorganized and anxious. Of course I can’t do that. Impossible. Right? So what did I say?

“Yup, I can do that.” Wait, what? But…

The truth is, I probably can. No, scratch that. I know I can. Writing isn’t a chore, it isn’t punishment, it’s what I do. So you want 8-10k words in 17 days? Damn straight I can do that.

Of course, there’s that part of my brain that says “you can’t,” “you’ll fail,” and “why even try?” But I’m shutting it down.

Why? Because I can do this, it’ll be a fun little story (add in some romance). And you know what? I’m going to have it in time, and kick it in the ass!